Q. What is the difference between the Whitefield Center and the Whitefield Foundation?

A. The Whitefield Foundation is the legal entity that supports and sustains the operation of the Whitefield Center.

Q. What is the purpose of the Whitefield Foundation and the Whitefield Center?

A. The Whitefield Foundation exists for the purpose of “Transforming the Heart of the City (Savannah) One Life at a Time.”  The Foundation targets its efforts in the Thomas Square Area of the Savannah through targeted educatonal and community resource activities that are conducted in and through the Whitefield Center.

Q. Who do I make my donations to if I want to support the work and mission of the Whitefield Center?

A. Donations for the work of the Center should to be made to the Whitefield Foundation.

Q. Is it possible to make tax deductible donations to the Whitefield Foundation??

A. Yes, the Whitefield Foundation was first approved as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in September of 2014 and is eligible to receive tax deductible donations.  

Q. Where is the Whitefield Center?

A. The Whitefield Center is located at 106 East 37th Street, the corner of Drayton and 37th Streets in Savannah, Georgia.

Q. Who owns the building that houses the Whitefield Center??

A. Christ Church Anglican (CCA) is the owner and holds the title to the land and building. The Whitefield Foundation operates the Center under a license agreement with CCA which gives us access to the Center over the long term.

Q. What does it cost to operate The Whitefield Center and how will the funds be raised?

A. The 2016 Budget for the Center is $75,000. This includes the director’s salary, operating costs and program costs. Operating Funds come from Business Partners, Church Partners and Individuals. Fortunately we pay no rent for the use of the facility as part of the license agreement with CCA is the Foundation will raise fund to renovate the facility. To date the Foundation has raised almost $150,000 of its $300,000 budget for renovations.

Q. How can I contact the Whitefield Center?

A. You can contact the center by emailing our Executive Director Steve Dantin at sdantin@earthlink.net or by telephoning him at (912) 644-6450 or (912) 484-8843.