Partnerships are essential to the life changing work of the Whitefield Center.  We have three categories of institutional partners: Impact Partners, Volunteer Resource Partners and Embedded Partners.

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Impact partners

Our Impact Partners are entities that share in our mission of changing lives in the heart of the Savannah one heart. Our relationships with these Impact Partners enable the Whitefield Center to connect people with valuable resources and services. In addition, many of our Impact Partners have operated in the Thomas Square Area for many years and are excellent sources of wisdom and guidance.

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Volunteer resource Partners

Our Volunteer Resource Partners are organizations that have a heart for ministering to people in the Thomas Square Area. We collaborate with our Volunteer Partners to create and identify service opportunities that they can serve through their members. 

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Embedded Partners

Our Embedded Partners are organizations that work with the Whitefield Center in a richly integrated way. They use the Whitefield Center’s building at the corner of 37th and Abercorn as a key location for operations and service delivery.

Click on the direct links below to learn more about embedded partners Hope Academy and Urban Hope.