Our Building & Grounds 


The Whitefield Center is housed in a marvelous, historic, Victorian house built in the late 1890’s in what was at the time, Savannah’s most fashionable neighborhood.  Christ Church Anglican owns the property and Whitefield operates on the site through a license agreement with Christ Church.  

The houses that originally existed on the lots east and west of Whitefield are no longer, and this affords Whitefield a parking lot on its west and a spectacular garden space on its east.  In fact, it is considered the largest “green-space” in all of Thomas Square, besides the Square itself.

The building consists of 3 floors plus a garage and kitchen annex, built in the early 1980’s.   The exterior of the building and front porch have been completely restored, as well as the first floor.  Men’s and Women’s restrooms have been added and refurbished in keeping with the ambiance of the early 20th century.

The main area of the first floor is multi-functional, housing everything from literacy classes, summer day-camp, and a monthly art gallery.  The annex (entered directly from the first floor of the original construction) contains a functional kitchen, garage, functional classroom (occupied primarily by Hope Academy) and a smaller multi-purpose room utilized frequently as a childcare/nursery.

The second and third floors are completely unfinished, but are scheduled for total renovation.  Commencement of restoration of the 2nd floor is anticipated in 2017 and will include multi-functional classroom space and a small administrative office.  Restoration of the 3rd floor is not estimated to begin until 2018.

The garden area is beautifully landscaped and capable of hosting outdoor events of various kinds, and accommodating up to 200 plus people comfortably.  A newly constructed and elevated large garden deck can be accessed from the first floor of the main building.

In keeping with Whitefield’s mission, the facility is available to non-profit endeavors that would edify the Thomas Square neighborhood.  If you believe that your organization or church may meet this criteria, and you would like to inquire further regarding that possibility, please contact Steve Dantin, Whitefield Executive Director at sdantin@earthlink.net for additional information.

Please note that the Whitefield Center IS NOT AVAILABLE for private individual functions or use of any kind.