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Elemental Reading Tutorials

The educational level of any neighborhood cannot be improved if education’s basic tenet, the ability to read and comprehend, is not at the forefront.  Seeking to nip this problem at its source, Whitefield launched as one of its earliest initiatives, reading tutorials in two Thomas Square area neighborhood public elementary schools, the Savannah Classical Academy and Gadsden Elementary.

These schools identify second thru fourth grade students in need of special reading instruction or who are performing below their reading grade level.  Students receive weekly tutorial instruction from Whitefield Volunteer Tutors at Savannah Classical and from LOVE Volunteers at Gadsden Elementary.  In addition to reading tutorials, Whitefield Tutors at Savannah Classical offer math tutoring as well.

All volunteer Tutors must past a Savannah/Chatham Board of Education background check.  If you have an interest either as a Tutor or know someone in need of the services, please contact Steve Dantin at the Whitefield Center, sdantin@whitefieldfoundation.org  or call directly at 912-644-6450.