Basic Adult Literacy

Hope Academy’s successful Basic Adult Literacy program at the Whitefield Center occurred serendipitously . . . Whitefield Executive Director Steve Dantin and Hope Academy Director Brian Flood were actually painting the garden fence on the Whitefield grounds one day shortly after the commencement of operations.  A man walked up and volunteered to help.  “I understand you have a GED program here”, he said.  “I’d love to get mine, but I really don’t read so well.”  

The rest is history.  

Hope Academy now offers a Basic Adult Literacy program with one-on-one instruction.  Instructors are tutors, mentors, and friends to their students.   Individuals are taught to read phonetically and, with drive and commitment, can be taught to read in as little as a matter of weeks.  

If you know of someone who might benefit from this service, please contact Brian Flood at or the Whitefield Center directly at 912-644-6450.