Hope Academy

Hope Academy is not just another GED site.  It is not just another place in town where one might obtain a high school diploma.  Hope Academy is about Commitment, Relationships, and Continued Success.

Commitment: Each prospective student is personally interviewed which includes a discussion of not only their life issues or any personal barriers to success, but to their degree of commitment of pursuing a GED.  Hope Academy first discerns that commitment from the prospective student, and then, likewise, makes a commitment to the student to assist him/her in any way to overcome personal obstacles to success.  Classes occur on different days and times in order to accommodate, as much as possible, the personal schedules of the student.  The Whitefield Center offers scholarships for the actual GED testing fees.  GED tests are administered at Savannah Technical College.

Relationships:  A natural out-flow of a mutual commitment is Relationship.  Relationships are at the heart of all Whitefield Center affiliated initiatives, as we well understand that programs don’t change people . . . relationships do.  One of the many hallmarks of Hope Academy are the testimonies of the students themselves of the care, concern, and compassion that Hope instructors have for them.

Continued Success:  Hope Academy is interested in more than merely cranking out GED graduates.  Hope is concerned with the student’s long-term success, whether that is post-secondary education or employment.  The first Saturday of each month is dedicated to Career Assessment whereby students are tested and advised regarding personal career aptitudes.  Individuals representing various industries, trades, and gainful endeavors are often guest presenters.  For those students wishing to further their education, all facets of Educational Financial Aid are discussed and explained.    

Hope Academy is lead by Brian and Heather Flood, a husband and wife team withmulti-faceted educational backgrounds, and a heart and passion for their students.  To read more about Brian and Heather or to apply as a Hope Academy student, please visit or contact the Whitefield Center directly at 912-644-6450.